The Best way to ride an Electric Scooter

Updated: Jan 12

Riding an electric scooter is really simple and intuitive. Getting the first steps right, however, are crucial to your safety. Follow the below steps and you'll be riding in no time.

  1. Place the C10-scooter on a flat paved road or sidewalk This will allow you to learn the steps and get a feeling for riding without having to worry about hills or other obstacles.

  2. Raise the kickstand Using either of your feet raise the kickstand under or beside the scooter. It will lean after this so be sure to hold onto it!

  3. Use a kick scooter stance Place your weak leg on the scooter’s deck with your foot facing forward. Lean forward and hold the handlebars with both hands.

  4. Place your strong leg onto the scooter deck Once you are moving place your strong leg on the deck behind your weak leg. This will allow you to keep your balance and minimize your size.

  5. Press the throttle steadily Different kinds of e-scooters will have different forms of throttles, but the technique is the same for all of them. Start with a slow smooth motion to get the scooter moving. Use your strong leg to keep balance while you are starting to move.

  6. Rotate the handlebars to turn Turning the handlebars will cause the scooter to turn. Like the throttle, the movements should be slow and steady to keep the ride as smooth as possible.

  7. Use the brakes Our C10 scooters have brakes similar to a motorcycle, moped, or bicycle. Simply pull on the brake lever to slow the scooter. Be sure to pull it slowly as you can be thrown from the scooter if it is too abrupt. There is also the option of using the back brake to slow more gradually.

Enjoy your Chartior Ride responsibly!

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