Ride Electric Scooter NY - Tips To Ride Safely NYC

Updated: Feb 25, 2021


Ride Electric Scooter NY. Large cities have seen an explosion of electric scooters in recent years and this trend will continue from year to year.

In addition to getting around more easily, avoiding traffic and enjoying your ride all the more, these machines help reduce fossil fuel consumption.

In the United States, the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards set regulations to increase the use of alternative fuel and vehicles to reduce fossil fuel consumption. As a result, they focus on new, low-energy means of travel.

Below, is an estimate of the electric scooter market for the coming years!

The market will have almost doubled in 10 years, and will satisfy users for its convenience and cities for CO2 reduction.


Parallel to this phenomenon, the number of accidents caused by this new mobility device has also increased.

A study of scooter accidents in Austin, Texas revealed that many injuries could have been avoided if riders had worn helmets and taken more precautions. Last year, nearly half of the 190 injured riders suffered head injuries.

But is it more dangerous to use an electric scooter than another means of transportation?

As with all vehicles, there are tips for safe riding!

If you follow these tips, most dangers will be avoided!

1) Never ride on the sidewalk. You must follow the rules for cyclists, unless you are riding at walking pace, which is extremely difficult on an electric vehicle.

2) Wear a helmet. As early as 5 km/h, a misplaced impact can be fatal. However, in 40% of scooter accidents, the head is hit.

3) Be visible, wear fluorescent material. Some helmets specially designed for traveling machines are fluorescent, allowing you to combine protection and visibility.

4) Never exceed 25 km/h. Going faster greatly increases the risk of accidents and limits battery life.

5) Never take your hands off the handlebars. On a scooter, your balance is more precarious than on a bicycle and letting go of one hand from the handlebars can destabilize you.

6) Stay 100% focused on the road. With the small wheels of the scooter, it is more difficult to avoid a hole, pass streetcar tracks, or make an evasive manoeuvre.

7) Be predictable to other riders. The handling of scooters can make you want to slalom between vehicles in a line, but you may not be seen.

8) Anticipate braking as much as possible. Electric scooters have less efficient brakes than bicycles, so the braking distance will be longer.

9) Be courteous. The electric scooter is a new means of transportation that some people find it aggravating. A small note of thanks if necessary can help make it easier to accept.

We hope that these few tips will help you to ride more safely!

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