Common Mistakes while Riding a Scooter / E-Bike

Updated: Jan 12

1. Pushing the throttle too hard.

This will make the scooter /E-Bike jump forward and could make the rider lose control or fall off the deck.

Our premium scooters and E-Bikes have multiple modes. Make sure it is set to the slowest mode while learning.

2. Pulling the brake lever too hard.

This will make the scooter/ E-Bike stop suddenly and could cause the rider to fall or be thrown from the scooter.

3. Turning the handlebars too far.

When turning it is important to shift your weight to keep the scooter/E-Bike upright. Turning the handlebars too far can make this impossible and cause the scooter/E-Bike to fall.

Slow and steady is the safest way to do anything on a scooter/E-Bike. Even if you are traveling at high speeds, a slow and steady throttle or brake movement will keep you from falling.

4. Leaning the scooter / E-Bike.

Leaning on one side on a scooter/E-Bike while riding will change the center of balance and could cause the rider to fall.

5. Not wearing safety gear.

The CDC reports that 45% of all e-scooter accidents involve head injuries that could be prevented with a helmet. 29% of all

e-scooter accidents happen to inexperienced riders. That means that the majority of injuries can be prevented with proper safety gear and caution.

Don't make these mistakes and you will make the best out of your Scooter / E-Bike as well as the experience of riding one!

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