Choosing between a Scooter or an E-bike

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Chartior products allow you to stop spending hours per week stuck in traffic and to adopt other alternative mobility devices : electric scooters and electric-bikes.

Both are useful, practical and efficient.

Let's see the difference between these two eletric devices.


- Everybody can ride a scooter ;

- You save money : the Scooter frees you from the exorbitant costs of a car plus you don’t have to spend in gas. Lasting battery.

- Avoid traffic and save time ;

- The scooters are an ecological means of transport so you contribute to making our planet more sustainable ;

- Chartior scooters are easy to manage and you can store it wherever you go.


- Many cities dedicated a bike line to make an easier ride in the city;

- The e-Bikes are an extremely safe means of transportation

- The e-bikes allow you to ride with more comfort;

- You can sit down

- You are likely to be a little more relaxed than you would be with an electric scooter

- You don’t have to pedal all the time but if you want you have the option to do a little workout by adjusting the power level of the motor

When it comes to making a decision between an e-bike and an electric scooter, you have to make the pros and cons. But for both choices, you avoid a huge carbon footprint, you save time and make easier and more enjoyable your ride!

So make an appointment and get your electronic ride! :)

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