All our electric scooters and electric bikes are usually shipped withing 2-3 business days. Free pick up from Chartior's Upper East Side store. To calculate shipping proceed to checkout.

Is there a warranty?

Yes there is a warranty all the electric scooters and electric bikes. Please refer to our policies page for more information.

How do I order wholesale?

If you are the owner of a bike shop, a skateboard company or a general retail center and would like to sell our products in your store, please contact us through email to provide you with all the information.

Do I need a license to drive E-Bikes and Scooters?

According to federal laws, a bicycle with an electric motor capable of generating up to 750 watts of power and able to propel a rider to a speed of up to 25 mph, is considered to be a bicycle or a consumer good rather than a motor vehicle. Therefore, it is NOT under the jurisdiction of the DOT.

Are E-Scooters and E-Bikes legal in New York City?

Yes, the New York City Council voted in April to legalize the use of all E-bikes with a top speed of up to 25mph and all E-scooters with a top speed of up to 20mph.

Where do you deliver?

Our E Scooters, E Bikes and accessories are delivered all across the USA

What is your refund policy?

We would like to make sure you are happy and would appreciated all questions be asked prior to purchase. We also test each bike before shipping. For further information read our Policy page.

Do I need a special outlet to charge my E- bike or Scooter?

Nope. Regular outlets work just fine. Our chargers are universal 110/240v. We recommend using a surge protector if available to prevent any outage.

Do I need any protection when riding an E-bike or scooter?

We reccomend Chartior's C 10 helmet and appropriate bike protection as well checking tires and breaks before riding. Be safe and follow local laws for speed limits. It is the sole responsibility of the participant to determine his or her level of riding our E-Bikes and Scooters and road handling ability and whether or not our E-bikes or Scooters are suitable for the individual concerned. Participants accept all risks to their physical well-being associated with this activity, such as their ability to withstand exposure to the elements, level, and extent of physical exertion, tolerance, and endurance. Chartior does not take responsibility for any damages/ accidents.

What kind of maintainance is reqired for the e-bikes and scooters?

Our E-bikes and scooters have been carefully selected for reliability, especially the electrical components, and have a 6 month warranty. The maintenance required will be no different from that of a regular bike.

Do you guys provide technical services for your products?

Yes, if you ever have an issue or a question our specialized E-bike and scooter technicians will be happy to be of service.

How fast does the C10 Scooter go?

The top speed is varying from 29 MPH to 33 MPH depending on the battery you choose.

How long the C10 Scooter can go for one fully charge?

After charging your E Scooter at it maximum charge you can ride from 15 miles to 35 miles depending on which battery you choose. Get advices to extend the life of your battery.

How long it takes to fully charge the C10 Scooter?

If the battery of the electric scooter or electric bike is totally empty it takes around 4 hours to fully charge it.

Still have questions?

We are here for you so don’t hesitate to contact us. At Chartior our aim is to help you make the best decision for your commute!